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What does Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong means?

"White People Can't Understand"

What does "Na Ge Plz" mean?

It is chinese for "That One Please". It is a pun for "Nigga Plz".

Are these shirts racist?

No They are just harmless fun.

Who is Bang Bang Panda?

Bang Bang was born in San Diego Zoo. Upon being born, he immediately broke out of his cage and began terrorizing the Grizzly Bears. After knocking out every single bear in the Zoo, he broke out of zoo spreading chaos throughout the city.

What is the C21H30O2 Hemp Shirt?

It is a reference to marijuana.
Na Ge Plz Shirt

Na Ge (That One) Plz

Sounds like "Nigga Plz"
THC Shirt


This chemical t-shirt is a perfect conversation starter and will undoubtedly show you who's in the know.
White People Can't Understand Shirt

Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong

"White People Can't Understand"
in Chinese

I Love Asian Women Shirt

I Love Asian Girls

You Know You Have Yellow Fever!